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We Audit

It’s important to know where you have been before we know where you should go. An audit is an important first step.

We Create

Creating accurate and engaging content for all your social channels is a major step to social media success. We do that.

We Manage

Timing isn’t everything, but it is an important piece to the puzzle. We’ll plan for the future and feed the right channels at the right times.

We Engage

More and more, your customers are relying on social media for answers. It’s important to give them the attention they deserve.

Online reputation

Every online review – positive or negative – is an opportunity for a business to make a positive impact publicly. This is where we shine.

Web content

Search engine optimization is important. So is readable, engaging content. We combine the best of both worlds.


We once had a job that required us to write 500,000 words each year on the same topic. If you need something written, we can help.

Copy editing

Whether it’s a one-page press release, a blog post, web content or a 100-page business plan, we can make it shine.

Social Channels

Twitter feed

Social Sound
@socialsndMay 14
The view of downtown Jackson from the Blake Building just keeps changing. Welcome to the neighborhood, The 200!
Social Sound
@socialsndDec 18
More proof that deciding which ideas should and should not see the light of day is the most important part of a soc…
Social Sound
@socialsndMay 07
These guys are the best. Another reason we love being located in downtown Jackson.