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About Social Sound

If you are in business, you need to be an active participant on social media as much as you need to turn the lights on or answer the phone. Your customers are looking for answers via social media. If you don’t answer them, one of your competitors will. But why should you choose Social Sound to manage your online presence? Because social media is not a one-way street. A successful strategy helps you be heard, but it also requires you to listen, engage and respond. We can help you get your message out in your unique voice, to engage with current and potential customers in a positive manner, to respond to reviews and manage your reputation in a way that will make you more successful. Every business has a unique sound. Let the Social Sound team help you share yours with your customers online.


Social Sound is a social media and writing agency located in Jackson, Michigan. Founder Chris Iott did a lot of everything in more than a decade as a journalist before making a successful transformation into a full-time social media manager and founding Social Sound. While covering the NBA and Major League Baseball with a focus on the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers, Chris cultivated a large and loyal following on Twitter due in large part to his ability and willingness to engage with his audience. In his career as a journalist, Chris was a writer, a page designer and a copy editor. He worked in both sports and news. He was the managing editor of one daily newspaper and the sports editor of two. He won statewide writing awards as a news and sports columnist and as a feature and an editorial writer. His time covering professional basketball and baseball coincided with the growth of social media from a new toy to an absolute necessity. He knows how to write cleanly and effectively, and his natural ability to engage with readers online made the transition from “traditional media” to social media a natural one.


Contact us to see how the Social Sound team can help you share your message and engage with your customers to help build your business through social media.


Social Sound

180 W. Michigan Ave., 11th Floor

Jackson, MI 49201

(517) 618-1799

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These guys are the best. Another reason we love being located in downtown Jackson.